Fire retardantTM Composite Hoses are specially designed to safeguard the hoses and the environment from catastrophic situation. Additional Fire-resistant films and fabrics are included in the construction. These hoses are covered with special fiber glass fabric coated with fire retardant PVC to ensure a good thermal insulation and a low conductivity from the outside to the inside. The coating can be made in various color:

Fire Retardant Hose 

  • Fire Retardant Transchem      
  • Fire Retardant Transoil
  • Fire Retardant Solflon              
  • Fire Retardant Transmarine     
  • Fire Retardant Chem marine

Colour code

  • CHEMICAL : Gray     
  • OIL : Blue

Principal Applications

Fire Retardant hoses are used for transferring flammable products including ship to shore, storage, in plant installations and bottom loading within the petroleum industry. Fire retardant performance meets the criteria to EN 13765 Normative Annex G Standards. It is extremely flexible, easy to handle and bend. Specifically engineered to handle chemicals, fuels, petrol, diesel, lubricating oils, all hoses are 100% aromatic resistant and perfectly antistatic and can be used for fluid delivery or vapor’s suction. The special series of COATED FIRE RETARDANT hose assemblies are fitted with an extensive range of couplings readily available, externally swaged with mild steel, Stainless Steel or aluminum-ferrules.


These hoses are manufactured according to the requirement specified by the European Standards EN 13765, and in accordance with the recommendations of NAHAD Guidelines.


These hoses assemblies are fitted with our in-house developed special fittings, specifically constructed to allow both inner and outer spiral wires of the hose to be positively connected to the fittings for electrical continuity.


Fire Retardant hoses assemblies are tested at 1 ½ times rated working pressures for safety and reliability, in accordance with EN 13765 (EN ISO 1402). The Hose is permanently marked on the tape for manufacturer’s logo, plus other data’s as per customer requirement.

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More in-depth information about hoses is available in our datasheet.